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In addition to the cool books that we create and retail through bookstores, we also create a lot of interesting content for schools, corporates, and private organisations. We also collaborate with other publishers to create interesting books with a unique FunOKPlease flavour for the retail market.

We take up these projects on a turnkey basis and take care of all aspects of the book's creation, including conceptualisation, writing, editing, illustration, design, and printing (if required) as well.

If you wish to create a unique book for your self write to us at


A phonics reading program comprising 6 beautiful, fully illustrated concept and story books

Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd (2014)

My Wonderful World

Nahar International School (2015)

My Powai A richly illustrated book about Powai and Chandivali

Gifts of Teaching
Scholastic India (2015)

An anthology of short stories for teachers

Laugh OK Please
Scholastic India (2015)

A book of jokes and riddles

FindURClass (2015)

A super collection of activities across 7 varied categories such as art, photography, science & nature, creative expression, food, fashion, and languages.

Colours of Friendship
Scholastic India (2015)

Scholastic India (2016)

Puzzle Power
Scholastic India (2016)


Phonics Book
B Verve