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Anju Tikekar

Anju Tikekar is an illustrator and visualizer, and the founder and Managing Director of ICG Design Studio.

Located in south Mumbai, ICG is a team of highly dedicated and talented artists, illustrators, visualizers, writers & content developers who work together to create children books and packaging material for children.

"We at ICG enjoyed creating different lovable characters of samosas, momos, pani puri, dosa, jalebi and many more of Fun Foods of India book for FunOkPlease. This book is packed with interesting facts and fun activities for kids. It has been wonderful working on this project."

Devaki Neogi Kiran

It was absolutely wonderful working on the 2 books. FunOKPlease is a very professional team and very supportive! Also the concept and ideation of each books is wonderful and will surely connect with the target audience. I look forward to working on further projects with the team in the future!" - Devaki

Dhanashri Ubhayakar

Hi, I am Dhanashri, now a freelance graphic designer... Started my career in Advertising, at Ogilvy creating lovely communication for orange, hutch, vodafone with the best of creative people from the advertising industry. This soon got me into the 'Advertising Lifestyle' of working late nights and always being busy.. I gained valuable experience and even won the prestigious GOLD pencil at the One Show Design Award (that recognizes talent around the world...) while i spent 5 years at Ogilvy and 2 years at Mudra.

But after my daughter Vanshikaa was born, I couldn't imagine myself returning to my hectic advertising job. So i decided to work as a freelancer, learn new things and do everything that i aspired to do..... And since then very seldom do I get bored or tired of working - there's always something new to do, or I find some new way to apply what I know, or I am necessitated to learn something new to make the project successful and more importantly am happy because even after doing all this i can give time to my family.

My journey with FunOKPlease

Preeti's positivity is soooo contagious that after meeting her for the first time itself, i knew right then that i surely wanted to work with her.... so when i was approached by her to illustrate and design an activity book for kids.... i jumped at the opportunity, went all out and designed every page in a different unique style, making it an attractive activity book that a child can keep going back to... when ever he/she needs an idea to surprise their family, friends or even themselves as all the activities in the book are ideas that can lead to innovative applications and opens up the kids mind to doing something unusual.

We just had 2 months to create this 100 pages book..... "ya just 60 days to think, try, design and print 100 pages.... and here we are with our book Make.Do.Be. all set to launch, reach millions of kids and also make a difference in the life of the kids at Angelxpress.

I would love to thank Preeti, Sonali and Shikha, am looking forward to working on many more projects and having a good time with them for life.

Happy Fish

Shraddha Pimputkar is an independent Illustrator and Digital artist. She is self taught and started her career as an Ink and paint artist at UTV animations. Shraddha likes to create artwork that shows the lighter side of life and everything around us, which makes us smile. Lights and colours have always been a huge source of inspiration for her.

She believes in the philosophy of following one's heart s and since two years now has been working independently, enjoying each and every part of the journey.

Says Shraddha on her experience working with FunOKPlease, "It has been absolutely wonderful. Through FunOKPlease, I got an opportunity to work on something creative, fun and inspiring at the same time. The whole experience of working on "Your Turn Now" has been nothing but a smooth ride right from the start till the end. The concept of the book itself being so noble, the good work just came. The whole team has been like a well oiled machine. Preeti is ones of the best people to work with as she understands your approach and lets you be. It has been an immense pleasure working with FunOKPlease and shall also be in the future.

Heetal Dattani Joshi

Heetal, an artist with over a decade of experience in art direction and graphic design is happiest when she is alone with her paints and brushes. She is inspired by the wonderful imagination that all kids are blessed with and attempts to bring to life the fabulous characters and stories that live in a make believe and fantastic world. She believes in allowing kids to be kids and inculcating in them, a strong sense of joy for the little things in life.

She indulges in painting for the sake of painting and hopes that one day her little daughter finds true love in a paint box, just the way she did. Heetal is the co-founder and designer of Beetle & Bottle, a delightfully quirky brand of home decor, accessories and storage solutions for kids. She lives in Singapore with her husband and 2 year old daughter. Experience with FunOKPlease and this book: Working with FOP has been an extremely enriching experience for me. I love working with people who share the same passion and love for children's stories as I do. And I couldn't have asked for more supportive and positive partners than Preeti and her team. I am so honoured to begin my journey into children's literature with FOP.

Nilima Eriyat

Nilima Eriyat has a design studio in Mumbai called Eguana Inc out of which she provides graphic design, illustration and animation services.

"The content for 'FunOkPlease' is so refreshingly different, it would have been a waste not having been a part of such a project and looking at how the titles have shaped up.

I am glad I have been involved in a venture that is sure to change the standards of Indian publishing, and the expectations of kids who are going to come back asking for MORE! Cheers!" - Nilima

Priya Kuriyan

Priya Kuriyan is an independent animation film maker and illustrator. She began illustrating for children's books in her final year of design school and has not stopped since. . Apart from co- directing a short animated film for CFSI(children's film society of India), she has also directed educational films for the Sesame street show (Galli Galli Sim Sim ) and has also worked on various TV commercials. Priya is a graduate of the National Institute of Design (NID) and currently lives in Delhi.

The first thought that came to mind , when Fun OK please approached me with the idea of this book was - "Why aren't there more books for children like these?". It was great fun to put together in pictures the idea of the city I reside in and it was also a pleasure working with a team that is so patient and supportive.

Suhita Mitra

Suhita's early years in pristine Nagaland, schooling years in culturally rich Kolkata, higher education in colourful Gujarat and the current years in restless Mumbai has given her a wide range of experiences to draw upon and reflect them back in ways she can express best. A graduate of NID, Ahmedabad, with a short stint in animation and a love for drawing and reading, illustrating ideas became her favourite mode of expression.

Even though it's quite laborious, working for the bright kids of's more of an indulgence and opportunity to give back what she has bountifully received as a kid herself.

With this as her backdrop, creating scenes for the 366 words in Mumbai was a very challenging yet fun filled opportunity. It's overwhelming to think of capturing the Mumbai spirit, so she let Mumbai, the city be her guide and mentor along with the able and steady guidance of Preeti Vyas and Mirabelle Dacunha, both passionate Mumbaiites themselves. Capturing each scene- from carefree Juhu beach to the very business like world of Bombay Stock Exchange and many scenes in between has been a very intense and rewarding journey from start to finish. And a wonderful opportunity to give back to the city with it's limitless capacity and backdrop to millions of stories, dramas, dreams, hopes and lives!

Fun Ok Please