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Lubaina Bandukwala

Lubaina Bandukwala has an MA in journalism but has been in children’s publishing for a decade as Editor (TOI, DNA, Scholastic, Harper Collins), Author (Ting Tong, Cheep Cheep - Pratham books, Your Turn Now, Karadi Tales (under publications) and Curator of Literature Festivals (Kala Ghoda Arts Festival - Children’s Literature Section), Founder of Peek A Book Lit Fest for Kids and numerous school festivals

Deepti Ganapathy

Deepti is an avid PR and communications professional. She has an MBA in Communications, and has pursued freelance consultation opportunities with diverse clients across many industries.

A travel enthusiast with a keen interest in expanding her horizons, she considers her strength to be translating complex thoughts into cogent messages for the variety-seeking reader.

"While I have been writing for many years, wording a book on Bangalore - the city that I consider to be a rainbow with colors of diversity, culture, urbanization, opportunities, enduring personality, the ideal climate and a platter of memories - has been a nostalgic and touching experience. With each new page, landmark and flavor, I got to rediscover the true essence of Bangalore. It was exciting to present Bangalore not just for its tourist locations but also its culture and cuisine - and more so to engage our young minds with ease and attractiveness. Writing for this book with Funokplease has been a complete dream come true.

Mirabelle D'Cunha

Interview with Mirabelle Da'Cunha: Author of 'Explore Modern Professions'

Dance and reading has had Mirabelle D'Cunha captivated since she was a little girl. With a Masters in English Literature, an Associate degree in dance and yoga teachers training.

She combined her love for knowledge and kinesthetics in a world dance education program at her dance school called dance-kids from 2002-2010.

Mirabelle is also a yogi with an irrevocable belief that it is possible to create harmonious win-win relationships and situations in all aspects of life, that everything is possible with grounded positivity, discipline and focus.

"Writing 'Explore Modern Professions' for FunOKPlease has been a most engaging experience, an opportunity to share the wonder of the varied professions that interest us and are available to us.

Nalini Sorensen

Nalini is a mother of two boys aged seven years and five years. She is also a Children's Author. She writes stories, primarily in rhyme, for picture books, for children in the zero to six year age group.

She loves writing for children in this age group, because she believes that Authors can make a big difference in shaping opinions and moulding personalities, when children are in this age bracket.

She also loves this age group, as it is primarily during these precious years, that children can believe that the grass is blue and the sky is green - there are no pre conceived notions, no mental barriers in children below six years.

Nalini lives in Mumbai with her husband, her sons and their very lazy cat, and can normally be found with a smile on her face, looking at the glass half full.

"Working on 'Alphabet Dress-Up' was exciting and so much fun. It was a dream come true, at so many levels.

Natasha Sharma

Natasha donned many hats working in the field of marketing as she sold watches at Titan Industries, and as brand manager for Barista and Pizza Hut.

While the effect of many slices of pizza is yet to wear off, she is in the meantime delighted to have discovered her love for writing children's books and poetry.

She has published a variety of stories and has illustrated one of her books too. She is crazy about animals and is delighted to have a little dog wandering through the pages of her book with Funokplease.

"Working on 366 words of Delhi had me often making trips to the kitchen to whip up choley kulche and yearning for icy kulfi and hot jalebis. It took me on a trip down memory lane as I recalled visiting the many monuments and heritage sites with my family. The book turned out to be wonderful in its scope, design and presentation thanks to the wonderful inputs and effort by Preeti and Priya."

Rebecca Manari

I am a writer, dreamer and teacher from Bangalore, and now based in Goa. My earliest memory is sitting at the window, watching people on the street to make up stories about them. Today, I live on the beach with my husband and two children, who do not attend school, but learn at home instead. I strongly believe in the freedom and happiness of children, and almost everything that I write tends to be in support of forgotten and marginalized women or children.


The opportunity that FunOkPlease gave me feels like the loveliest gift that I have ever received. Right from the time I wrote the story and it was accepted by Preeti, I have felt very lucky. First of all, It gave me a chance to visit Mumbai, one of the most magical cities I have ever seen! I felt very fortunate to have found a publisher and illustrator who believed in my vision for the story that we are telling, and in its importance as much as I did. We three seemed to make a perfect team for the book, and I really couldn't be more satisfied with the way things have worked out. The challenges that we faced were interesting and I really enjoyed working around a sensitive issue, being very careful to say the right things in order to get our message across beautifully. I was very impressed with the creativity and lovely ideas that popped out like exciting surprises at every turn. I'm looking forward to a great future with FunOkPlease.

Rushabh Turakhia

Rushabh Turakhia is a Commerce graduate with MBA in marketing and runs a family business of diamonds and jewellery.

But what has made him different from most of us is his thought that one man can change the thinking of many; with a vision to touch 7 billion people across the world through his beautiful concept called YOUR TURN NOW.

Rushabh is associated with Ahimsa - Shelter home for diseased and injured stray animals and is also a life coach. Rushabh lives in Mumbai with his beautiful wife Sapna and adorable son Vivaan.

Says Rushabh on working with FunOKPlease- It has been a real fun experience, be it a brain storming session with Preeti and her team, be it writing down with Lubaina or sketching with Shraddha. Preeti and her dedication towards the project single handedly is admirable. FUN OK PLEASE is well organised - planned with the focus of making the world of kids a better place. Its on its way to transform the landscape of children's book content.

Ruta Vyas

Author Interview with Ruta Vyas: Author of the Toto the Auto series Ruta is an IIM Bangalore graduate with over 18 years of work experience, including 10 years in learning and development. She currently runs an independent practice in executive training and leadership coaching.

She feels strongly about building positive self esteem in children from an early age.

She has successfully run a series of self esteem workshops for children and has also worked in varying capacities with NGOs engaged in children's welfare and education. She successfully set up Vikasana, a school for children of construction workers on the IIM campus, which continues to educate children to date.

She lives in Mumbai with her husband and 8 year old son, Daniel.

"Getting into a little child's mind to see the issues of importance to him or her has given me the inspiration to write Toto's stories. Hearing about the affection that Toto is getting from the kids has been a reward unto itself.i love thinking up more adventures for Toto, it's an excellent sport for my mind and my heart! Hoping that Toto inspires many more kids around the world, to be like him, courageous, compassionate and naughty :)"

Sakura Kagwade

Sakura Kagwade is a freelance writer and editor from Mumbai who started her career as an architect but soon gave in to her true calling. A passion for words and a love for detail steered her towards editing. With no formal training in this field, she has taught herself along the way. A stint with lifestyle magazine Marwar, as writer and copy-editor, enhanced her understanding of the nuances that go into making written material publication-worthy.

She has also worked as consulting editor to a magazine, fine-tuned resumes and edited website-content.

FunOKPlease experience:

Says Sakura, "Working on "Your Turn Now" was exciting and the experience enriching. In today's world where words like "kindness", "generosity" and "benevolence " are merely that - words in a dictionary, YTN is a powerful concept that makes them relevant. The true stories are compelling and inspiring. Working with Preeti has been an enjoyable journey - she's such a wonderful combination of energy, professionalism and warmth."

Shikha Lal

"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library."

- Jorge Luis Borges...

That is the singular belief that drives Shikha.

A postgraduate in Journalism & Mass Communication from the Xavier Institute of Communications, her endeavour is to make children and adults alike fall in love with words. She believes that stories make people. Wanting to contribute, she quit her job as a journalist and pursued her passion. Through her work, Shikha strives to make each story unique, creative, and memorable while exploring different subjects. When not battling a tight deadline, she is often found with her nose buried in a book or lamenting about her list of "pending reads"!

On her FunOKPlease experience:

"MDB has been the most amazing and fun project I've worked on so far! What I appreciated the most, right from the beginning, is the clarity of thought as far as the project brief was concerned. Also, the entire team passionately shared the vision of ensuring we didn't create a run-of-the-mill book. We pushed our limits while constantly learning from each other. Having the creative freedom was a big plus point already; the hours of ideating, debating, and jokes were the icing on the cake!"

Nalini Ramachandran

Nalini Ramachandran is fascinated by the craft of storytelling. Oscillating between the worlds of fiction and non-fiction, she has told tales of imaginary characters and interesting people across media in formats such as comics, short stories, scripts, features, case studies, and more. As she continues to experiment with various genres, she aspires to be one of the many catalysts who will shape the children's literature scene in India.

"The first time I met Preeti, I thanked her for having started Mumbai. Not only did this promise to decentralise the country's publishing industry, but it also created opportunities for people like me, who wish to work on children's books while continuing to live in this 'city of dreams'.

Initially, Gifts of Teaching was just a contest that I had participated in for fun, and of course, with the hope of getting my contribution (short story) published. So, when Preeti told me that my story had made it to the book's final ten, I was elated. But a pleasanter surprise was in store, for she asked me to edit the book.

With emotional support from food and laughter, and the organisation's name constantly reminding us to have 'FunOKPlease' even while working, the Gifts of Teaching team (Preeti, Sonali, Nilofer, Chetna, and I) battled sleep, Mumbai trains, Mumbai rains, last-minute madness, and the looming deadline. And within the quickly passing three-six weeks, we had readied the book for the Indian affiliate of the international publishing house, Scholastic.

Like Preeti, I too believe that children's content in the country today needs a touch of contemporary Indianness. To me, working with her and FunOKPlease means beginning somewhere to forward this shared ultimate goal."

Purnota Dutta Bahl

Purnota holds an MBA from the Indian School of Business and started her career as the Brand Manager, HT Media Ltd. (Mumbai, New Delhi) over a decade ago. Soon she moved on to being the Head of Marketing for one of India’s best known brands where she led the national and global business development drives apart from Revenue Management across the globe. Her areas of expertise include fundraising, strategy and marketing; she also planned and administered the company’s marketing operations and development of regional marketing budgets.

Her Cuddles Foundation journey started as a small drive with strong belief amongst her friends and family, after she visited the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. A mother to three beautiful daughters, when she came across families of children undergoing cancer treatment experience a sea of challenges including lack of funds and access to nutritious meals, she decided to combine her love and expertise to reach out to them. She realised healthy and nutritious meals and supplements are a luxury to most of these underprivileged families.

Shachii Manik

Shachii is an author of children's stories, poems, puzzles, plays, limericks and jokes. She does what it takes to encourage and help kids read more (even if it means having to don a witch's hat or doing a little jig with giraffe ears on!). She loves to play with words and eyes each one with suspicion, as if it were up to something! That's probably why she can calmly crack those crazy cryptic crosswords.

She has a degree in Electronics Engineering and an MBA, but decided to give up her corporate job to her two precious boys in the park.

"Working with FunOKPlease is nothing short of an adventure. Preeti has a knack of throwing all sorts of gargantuan challenges at me. Her ingenuity is inspiring and her creativity, contagious. The entire team - Sonali, Abhijeet, the editors, illustrators, interns and the guy who brings the coffee – are all absolutely committed, super-talented and tremendously hard-working. Thank you for all the opportunities that you have given me, in our joint effort to deliver top quality, fun and informativebooks into the hands of curious little kids. Looking forward to having much more fun withFunOKPlease!"

Vinitha Ramchandani

Vinitha Ramchandani is an editor and published author of more than 18 books for children. Her story 'Living Dream' is the opening text in Orient Blackswans' grade VIII, CBSE English Language textbooks, from the academic year 2018.

Two of her stories are being made into films. She is associated with children's content and writes a fortnightly column, 'Mumbai for Kids with Vinitha Ramchandani' for Mid-Day.

A visual storyteller she has conducted many interactive storytelling workshops in India and abroad. She loves walking around the city and discovering places that tell their stories. She lives in Mumbai with her two kids.

Anindita Guha Maulik Rungta

Anindita is India's first certified Functional Medicine Health Coach from the US based Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. She will be setting up the first functional medicine based clinic in Mumbai, later this year along with Dr Amrita Talwar, her co author and her daughter's dermatologist.

She is also a first time author and has written a book called "I have eczema... so what?" She writes a blog called

"" where she shares information and also provides a form of support to others suffering from eczema. She was previously a finance professional and has 10 years of experience in the banking finance industry.

Harshikaa Udasi

Harshikaa has worked on Scholastic India's Teacher's Day handbook 2017 for us, where we spent days mulling over teachers' anecdotes, classroom humour and quotes for educators to live by, and managed to beat the deadline together! Her first book, the Children First award-winner Kittu’s Terrible Horrible No Good Very Mad Day published by Duckbill Books, also released this year.

 This lady has been writing ever since she held her first pencil but her tryst with newsprint began while in college. She wrote for The Times Of India supplements including Sunday Times, Bombay Times and WestSide Plus, thereby starting her journey as a journalist that she continues till date. An Economics graduate from DG Ruparel College, Harshikaa earned her stripes in journalism at Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai. She plunged right into the field with her first job in 1999 at Business Standard, and has since then worked with various prestigious publications including The Hindu, The Week and Deccan Herald, covering a wide spectrum of subjects including business, education, cinema, lifestyle and parenting.

What really ignites her imagination, besides writing, is interacting with children. In 2014, she set up Book trotters Club, a storytelling club for children that has expanded into a reading and writing hub as well, for 3-14 year olds.

One tip: A great way to motivate her is to feed her enormous amounts of paani-puri which manifests into not just great writing but also fairly passable parody.

Shalu Ganglani


Vaishali Shroff

Vaishali Shroff is the author of The Adventures of Padma and a Blue Dinosaur, Raindrops, Ari, The Missing Bat, Purple Turtle pop-up books among others. She represents India as an author for a series of readers by Oxford University Press, Asia. At the moment she has gone piggy-back on a blue dinosaur into space and hopes to land back on earth like a meteoric fireball of stories