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How curious is your child?
Because your child’s curiosity is his biggest strength

Don’t ignore your children’s curiosity. Nurture it by gifting them the most precious gift ever - a lifelong love of reading.


FunOKPlease: Books for the Curious little Indian

We are a Mumbai-based publishers of children’s books in English, with a focus on contemporary Indian content for children in the ages of 3-10 years. We create books for the curious little Indian of today. Our books are created specially for India with Indian names, places, animals, and things, giving kids a context they can easily identify with.

We believe that learning happens best when you’re having fun and when the content you’re learning from has themes that you can relate to and recognise. Our books aim to help kids develop an understanding of the world around them, learn important educational concepts, and life learning skills, all in a context that is distinctly modern and Indian.

We publish activity books, picture books, reference books, and story books. We also created original content on demand for corporate houses, schools, and other private organisations for their internal use.

FunOKPlease is made for I.N.D.I.A.

  1. Indian places and faces.
  2. Not set only in foreign lands or places of fantasy or mythology. The context is Indian reality.
  3. Do things along with activities that help lock the experience and learning.
  4. Interesting stuff to know, but you did not have such a fun way of looking at it.
  5. About things and places that you see every day.

Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision :

To be the most successful and most loved brand of content for Indian children and transform the landscape of children's content delivery in India.

Our Mission :

To create and publish contemporary Indian content for Indian kids with the highest standards of writing, illustration, design, and production.

Our Values:

  • We are proudly Indian and endeavour to bring in an Indian touch, sometimes directly, sometimes subtly in all our books.
  • Originality: We like to create 100% original content. Publishing the nth version of a fairy tale or rehashing nursery rhymes or retelling mythology which has been done scores of times before does not inspire or interest us. For us, inspiration is all around us and we are always hungry for original, never-done-before ideas and perspectives.
  • We are environmentally conscious. All our activities use materials which are eco-friendly and easily available in an Indian home or at a local store. All our projects and craft activities create objects of utility.
  • We are socially inclusive and ensure representation of characters from different religious and economic backgrounds, different parts of the country and the world, and also those who are 'differently-abled'.
  • Our books are affordable and our content promotes ideas, games, activities and projects that are inexpensive and accessible.
  • We care deeply about the cause of disadvantaged children in India and support a number of NGOs through our books. In whatever way possible, we try to raise awareness and help these organisations meet their objectives.

Supporting NGOs that work with disadvantaged children in India

We are honoured to support a number of wonderful NGOs that work with underprivileged children in India. For each book we tie up with a different NGO. Our support is threefold:

  1. We dedicate some space in the book to the NGO where they speak about their work and share contact details.
  2. We organise the launch event as a fundraiser for the NGO. 100% of the funds collected from the guests at the event go to the NGO directly
  3. 1% of cover price of the book is shared with the NGO for as long as the book remains in print.

The Vatsalya Foundation

We partnered with the Vatsalya Foundation, a shelter home for street children in Mumbai in Jan 2013 to launch our inspirational book Your Turn Now. Through the fundraising book launch event, we raised approx Rs. 1.7 lacs for the Vatsalya Foundation.
Click here to see photos of this event.

Cuddles Foundation

In June 2013, we joined hands with the Cuddles Foundation to launch our amazing take on alphabets and professions, Alphabet Dress-Up. Cuddles Foundation does wonderful work in supporting the nutritional needs of children affected by cancer. Through this event, we raised about Rs. 1.5 lacs for them. We also dedicated a page to them in the book and 1% of sales of this book will go to Cuddles as long as the book remains in print.
Click here to see photos of this event.

Bal Asha Trust

For our innovative book on numbers, Number March, we tied up with the Bal Asha Trust, a home for abandoned and orphaned children in Mumbai. We raised Rs. 3.5 lacs for them through this event.
Click here to see photos of this event.

Apne Aap Women's Collective

The Apne Aap Women's Collective was the perfect NGO partner for our book Brown Like Dosas, Samosas and Sticky Chikki. AAWC does outstanding work with the children of sex workers in the red light areas of Mumbai. Through our 'Brown Challenge', we were able to mobilise children across the country (a few international entries too). Overall we raised over Rs. 5 lacs for them through the event held at Nehru Centre, Mumbai.
Click here to see photos of this event.

Angel Xpress Foundation

For our book Make.Do.Be., we partnered with the Angel Xpress Foundation... pencils, and other requirements of the foundation. They do stellar work in educating children at unique pavement and garden schools across Mumbai. We collected a mountain load of food like Horlicks jars, threptin biscuits, stationery items like notebooks, pens, pencils, and other requirements of the foundation.
Click here to see photos of this event.

Click here to read an interview with our founder Preeti Vyas on our experiences with this unique model of raising funds through book launches.