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Toto the Auto is a sunny and resourceful character. The stories are from everyday life, and steer clear of preaching and 'lecture-baazi' - the two things that usually put kids off completely! The '

Gouri Dange(45years old)
Writer and Family Counsellor

Refreshing, racy and relevant; this series promises to be a runaway hit with kids.

Marfatia(40years old)
Children’s Writer Expert
Toto is lively and lovable. Toto's life learnings are excellent.
Lalitha V Iyer

One of the best kids book published in India. No doubt an auto is an object of fascination for kids. That said, with the auto as the theme, the book very well captures the attention of the kids. Of

Renuka Devi C(31years old)

The Adventures of Toto Book 1-4 does promise some adventure in the lessons of life. I bought these four books as a gift for my niece in Australia, especially because she had enjoyed an autoricksha

Book Worm(35years old)

The Toto Collection Book 1-4. The books are beautiful and very pictoral for my 3 year old. Good values to learn from them. He has started to love Toto and takes interest to know about toto's experi

Saloni Nichani(32years old)

I recently got my hands on Toto the Auto and my almost 5 year old has been wanting a constant rereading of the stories. Excellent book - great illustrations and content. Just the kind of material o

Priya Fonseca(34years old)

Its a must read for all the kids... My daughter annie loved it immensely and the next morning she zoomed to the school with the books and told her principal to buy it for school library... Its an a

Nitin Patel(36years old)

We just spent the afternoon reading all the 4 Toto stories off my laptop & Kaitlyn wanted more...

Besides her happy reactions to the stories, she enjoyed the activity at the end of each b

Sheryl D’Mello(33years old)

Toto is the bane of my existence:-).we Dont leave home without it. We need to read it every night and In fact am sure i will have to pack it for a short trip we're taking. 

Pallavi Rai(34years old)

Simply mind blowing. Shloke is glued to the books and so am I. I loved the Fun Foods and he is one with Toto and Pattu. He feels Toto is another name for an auto! 

Nilanjana Kar(40years old)

Aastha is very very excited and very happy to have the books, The TOTO book she kept under her pillow at the night so she can read it immediately upon wake up. she loves it and I am very happy for

Ami Paneri Upadhyay(40years old)

They are colourful, fun and interesting and yet also succeed in conveying positive messages of helping others, cheerfulness and resourcefulness.... old)

In a sentence: Toto is the coolest super hero in town! old)

Toto is a lovable, cheeky little autorickshaw who lives in Mumbai with his driver Pattu. Toto, by character is brave, kind and a do-gooder. He loves to help others and make new friends...

Mixed Expressions(4years old)
E- Paper