Parent Review - 366 WORDS IN MUMBAI


    When a contemporary quintessential outing for a child has now become a shopping mall, here is a book '366 words in Mumbai' that fires the imagination and kindles the curiosity of a young child to explore her city. This book captured my daughter's (just turned 5 years) curiosity right away and she has spent hours just browsing through the bright and detailed illustrations by Suhita Mitra. Evidently pictures and drawings are not enough for her curiosity she insists me to read all that the author Mirabelle D'cunha has so lucidly written in the book, simple yet comprehensive.

    A couple of months ago when the annual Book Parade Day was celebrated in her school; she chose to be the character Sivaana who accompanies you in the book touring you around places in Mumbai. We carry the book in car many a times just so she asks for it when we pass by a familiar places and festivals that she has seen in the book such as Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Shivaji Park, and Mount Mary Bandra Fair among others. And now she is excited to meet the author and also explore the very Kala Ghoda Festival about which she learnt from the book. It has been a few months wait for the festival but it will be worth the wait. This book is a must buy for your child who may just begin to be thrilled about discovering her city from the hidden realms of a book that sure is a joy like nothing else.

    - Effath Yasmin .

  • Mumbai's Lonely Planet for Kids!

    Amazing book, one of a kind that each house with kids should get on their shelves.. It's full of colors and beautiful paintings, including stories from all the important sights around Mumbai, written fluently with hummor and charm.

    As i saw the book for the first time I thought "THIS IS THE LONELY PLANET OF MUMBAI FOR KIDS"!!! and since i'm living abroad, for sure it's the best present I can bring for my children!

    Read and enjoy...i know you will..:-)

    - Mayan Simon.

  • Delight

    The book is a good medium for elders to introduce the magic of Mumbai to children. I bought it for my nephews of age 3. They were quite entertained and had many questions to ask after each page was finished.

    Its a good buy.

    - Navin Kulkarni .

  • Must have for all Bong kids!

    Especially recommended for all Bongs and Calcuttans who have left the city. Great way to familiarize their kids with their roots. Great job Mrs. Basu! Hope more cities will covered soon.

    - Dave Banerjee .


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