• Explore Modern Professions by Mirabelle D'cunha - Break Free from the dogmas!

    The Author Mirabelle D'cunha is a passionate young mom, author, Idea consultant brings in a fresh breath into arena of book picks for children. When I picked this book for my 4 year old last year I envied, I wished that I knew other professions early in life rather than moving like a herd towards either being in the race to be a doctor, engineer or management graduate or just fall out of the race and feel like a failure and do the courses at college to save our faces and say "... by the way I am a post graduate". This book sets a child's mind free of such dogmatic role playing in life and helps them explore and even inspires them to be the exciting other professionals the world is full of. Sadly, I only learned about them as I bumped into, later, much later in life and sometimes found myself in awe of the million other professions out there !

    Mirabelle, this book I hope will have several volumes to it.

    One is just not enough! If you are envisaging you child to grow up with ideas of diversity and social inclusion of all professions rather than growing up believing in 'professional racism'.

    - Effath Yasmin.


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