Parent Review - NUMBER MARCH

  • In a world where numbers are usually abhorred, here is a book with a different point of view!
    Number March is lots of fun
    Now from numbers we don't have to run.
    It's refreshing to see numbers all around us
    Presented without too much of fuss.
    I like the Indian touches little
    And the way the text is arranged in riddles.
    At every stage we are made to think
    Are there things that to the numbers we can link?
    The book starts with how special each one of us are
    That is truly the need of the hour!
    The book makes us play and learn
    As we finish the book, for more we will yearn.
    If we could have had in colour the Number March song
    It would have been more fun to sing along.
    The book was launched with an event of charity
    In the publishing world that is a rarity.

    - Anamika Chakravrty.


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