• A children's book, alphabet puzzle and card game... all wrapped in a brilliant piece of art..
    Just received my copy of Alphabet dress-up from flipkart.. And i read it cover to cover.. Thoroughly enjoying and savouring each page.. The book is creatively conceptualised by Nalini Sorensen and exposes children to different and even unconventional professions like baker and zoo-keeper...

    Love the intricate details on each page and also the fact that girl and boy character have been equally depicted on 13 professions each.. And then there was the alphabet puzzle on each page... Could figure out 24 out of 26 hidden letters..thanks for the answer page..

    P.S. the illustrator Shraddha has done a super fab job on the creatives..nailing each and every profession to the T.. And loved the card game concept too.. The best part is...even my 5 month old baby loves the book so much that he flips over the colourful pages over and over again.. Cheers to the team.. Stay creative!

    - Anshuma Arora.

  • A very intelligent and unique book for kids and parents alike. Also the book is such a wonderful visual treat.

    Alphabet Dress-up is not just your ordinary picture book. It is much more than that.

    A very creative and unique concept that teaches kids that they can become anything they want, all they need is their imagination. A for astronaut to Z for zookeeper, delightful rhymes and amazing illustrations help kids learn about different professions starting with all the alphabets.

    The book is not just a onetime read, the "find the hidden alphabet" in the illustrations and the free card game are sure to make kids and parents to be hooked on to the book.

    In short, I found this book quite intelligent and kids today should really be exposed to more books like these which focus more on developing their imagination along with the vocabulary. A must read for kids, parents and teachers alike.

    - Pratik Jain .

  • The language used in this book is really catchy. My son enjoys the rhyme. More importantly, playing dress-up is very important to child development. Children use their imagination to transform themselves into anything they want to be. Role playing will help you understand how your child sees himself and the world around. I havn't seen any other book with dress-up as a theme. One plus point about this book is that it breaks gender defined roles eg the Astronaut is a girl and the Baker is a boy. Added bonus is the card game to play dress-up. In short a book to read and play.

    - Dezma de Melo.

  • Stimulate your child's imagination with this one of a kind book

    The book is a delight to read , it's got wonderful rhymes and is a visual treat.

    The rhymes are very natural and the book is a fun family activity. Be it finding the missing alphabet and word it represents or the card game with the book. The shift from the traditional professions is a welcome change and the fair share to both genders is a plus. I couldn't resist buying for all the little ones in the family. My 2 1/2 year old niece absolutely loved the visuals.

    It delves into an important world of role play which kids will love to explore. I highly recommend the book

    - Aparna Suri .

  • This books will stir up your child's imagination and creativity!

    'Alphabet Dress up' encourages children to pretend, imagine and be creative. It inspires children to indulge in role play using simple day to day objects as props. Children are introduced to the different kinds of jobs that adults do, in a fun way. Repetition of words and rhymes help an early reader to read independently.The illustrations are vivid, colorful and detailed. My daughter simply loves this book!

    - Anjali Bailur.

  • A creative book to spark your child's imagination

    My five year old daughter LOVED this book! The easy rhymes and delightful illustrations have got my daughter hooked on to this book and it is currently on her "must read at bedtime" list.

    There's more to the book though - the "find the hidden alphabet" element is really interesting and the bonus card game means there is more than one way to keep the kids happily engaged! I highly recommend this book!

    - Shilpa P .

  • Highly recommended, very well thought out book...

    My son absolutely loves this book... the rhymes are catchy and it's great to watch him put together costumes from whatever is available at home. The book is very layered and is definitely not a one-time-only read as it will engage children in many different ways.

    - Karl Freedman.

  • This book is so much fun! Endless possibilities of ways to use it and learn about not just the alphabet but wonderful & inspirational answers to the classic question "so, what do you want to be when you grow up......?"

    It encourages dressing up opportunities, role play and great imagination. I love the fact that the "jobs" that are portrayed in this superbly put together book are not your ordinary run of the mill options but much more interesting & wide ranging.

    My whole family had great fun sharing this book together especially the charades game that is included.

    Great value for money!

    - Zulekha .

  • My 3.5 year old daughter has enjoyed all the FunOKPlease books (The 366 series and the Toto books) and I eagerly took the Alphabet Dress-Up book home for her the day it launched. That was nearly 2 months ago. And the book is still read every day! Rhea is extremely talkative and picks up concepts easily. I've never had to work hard on anything so far, but the moment I broach the subject of the alphabet, she runs away. I love the way the Alphabet Dress-Up Book has....well....dressed up that subject!

    The Alphabet Dress-Up book teaches the alphabet, teaches loads of new words and many, many new concepts to little kids in a fun, sing-song, beautifully illustrated manner that makes kids want to read the book again and again...and yet again! The illustrations on many pages tell a story by themselves to keep little minds occupied, and the rhymes are well though- out so you do end up discussing each page with your child (because oh my God they have sooooo many questions!!). I like that because your child will understand the concept then J. I've already had my daughter looking at pages and saying ‘skyscraper', ‘astronaut', ‘engineer' and ‘veterinarian' just from memory! We're working on remembering ‘X-ray Technician' at the moment!!!

    Besides reading the book with my own daughter, I am also reading the book with mixed groups of kids who are 1.5 to 5 years old (I teach a parent-child music & movement class called Musical Bonding) and every single class has me prying the books out of their (and their moms') hands at the end because they want to read "just one more alphabet aunty, pleaseeee!"

    The book also comes with a card game that can be played differently by kids of different age groups.

    I'd recommend the book to every parent of a child aged 5 years and below. Not to teach the alphabet (some kids pick up alphabets later, some are learning it the ‘phonics' way, others love the traditional ‘A for Apple' route), but to learn new words, concepts and rhymes. And hey, if your kid is saying ‘A for Astronaut' like mine is, it doesn't hurt either

    - Sheetal Goel .

  • Alphabet Dress-up is much more than just a book! It encourages children to use their imagination to be whatever profession they like. So now it's a game in our family to enact a profession and the others have to guess.... Truly bringing the book to life. The illustrations are so awesome that although some of the words are a little big, my 5 year old "reads" the book to my 1.5 year old, adding in her own bits of course.

    - Natasha D'Costa .

  • I never believed in rote method to education, thus never insisted my daughter memories her ABCs. I had read Wldorf Steiner schools introduce alphabets in form of stories and wanted to do the same. I have been doing my share of research into it and the book Alphabet Dress-Up is by far the most creative way I have found so far. Not only it helps me weave a story, but it also gave me ideas for pretend play which, my 3 year old so enjoy. I think traditional schools must take a lesson from the book.

    - Oindrila Purohit, Grooming Babies Global Pvt. Ltd. .

  • Alphabet Dress Up is an extremely refreshing read for all age groups. The colourful and vivid illustrations by Shraddha Pimputkar easily catch the eye of the toddlers and make them want to sit down and listen to the book being read. For the older kids, its the words and the delightful element of rhyme by Nalini Sorensen that makes them read with rapt attention. My sons are 8 and 6 years old and we read Alphabet Dress Up multiple times in the week. Each time they come up with new observations about the pictures or new questions about the various professions. The games included in the book complement it perfectly. Kudos to the author, illustrator and the publishers. As avid readers, we look forward to many more such wonderful additions to our personal library.

    - Shachii Manik.


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