Parent Review - YOUR TURN NOW

  • You may be only one person in this world, but to one person at one time, you are the world.

    I have been an ardent fan of FunOKPlease for their focus on Indian contemporary writing for children. Their past books focus on different Indian cities, different professions in India and different foods of India. Of course they also have the Toto series which I think is the first time that the Indian autorickshaw has been the protagonist. Today when we all live in our own worlds, the YTN book comes as a breath of fresh air. Not only does the book chronicle everyday acts of kindness which really touch the chords in our heart but also does its bit in making the children DO something about it. The book includes tips on how children can take the YTN movement forward in their school and their community. It also includes a journal which encourages the children to write about their experiences. My 8 year old reads 2-4 books every week and has read more than 100 books. She read this book at one stretch cuddled in her corner of the room and said it was the BEST book she had ever read.

    - Anamika C .

  • A must read for everyone. Kids and grown ups too!

    Spread the kindness! This is the simple motto of this book. The book consists of short stories inspired from acts of kindness in real life.

    In today's world where kindness is pretty scarce, this book very creatively and simply shows us that all it takes, is a kind heart and some effort to spread smiles and kindness. The book not only makes you feel good, but also inspires you to take an action and do your part in spreading kindness.

    The writing is fun, simple and engaging. The flow of the book is such that it not only keeps kids hooked on to it, but adults as well. The writing along with the illustrations take you to a whole new journey. Once you pick up the book you cannot keep it unless you finish reading the entire thing. The book also has a section in the end called as the 'Kindness kit' which consists of many creative and fun activities for kids to engage in.

    All in all this book does help restore faith in Humanity!

    - Shraddha Pimputkar.

  • Take Time To Be Kind!!

    In our everday life we forget the most important factor of life being kind.. Your Turn Now a concept started by Rushabh Turakhia reminds us that to be kind and helpful should not a chore but a habit. It a must read book for everyone and specially children where one part of the book tells us day to day stories and second part has activities. it has beautiful illustrations to attract a child's attention. We teach our kids to be safe but why not to be kind.. This book will help us to make this world a better place to live in... Fantastic work!! Waiting eagerly for the second edition

    - Shraddha Dalal.

  • Don't miss your turn. Grab one.

    Your Turn Now (YTN) is a delightful compilation of stories that inspire kindness in our daily life. Although aimed at the younger generation, upon reading it, there is no reason to believe that people from all age groups can and should relate to this. Beautifully crafted words coupled with some larger than life illustrations and ofcourse the deep underlying social message, YTN is a must for every child's (and adult's) library. What are you waiting for, it's your turn now

    - Kumail Amiruddin .

  • My daughter loves it

    I bought this for my 7 Yr old daughter & she loves reading this again & again. She even ended up giving out the little blue card to the person who cleans our vehicle daily morning. When I tried talking her out of this (saying this is something he's paid for) she took the book out - made me read a particular incident - convinced me & went ahead with her act! So the book is a winner :)

    - Anoop Bhaskaran.


    This Book Explores the meaning of the virtues of spreading Kindness and understanding Human Nature.

    In Today's world of technology it poses a profound challenges to assertion what is good or kind.

    The Book is beautifully and intelligently scripted with every chapter of real incident in real life.

    The Book is a must for anyone in all age group

    - Pranay Doshi.

  • "Neki Kar Dariya Mein Daal" (Do good & cast in to the river) is an adage that is as old as perhaps times itself. YOUR TURN NOW is a book and concept that breaks this adage and seem to light up a tiny flame that promises to keep alive forever instead of into the river. My daughter who is just 5 connected with these wonderful incidences and real life stories narrated in this book. What is more striking is she insisted to hear the entire volume in one sitting which is often a challenge for her age. What enticed her about these stories is the occurrence of act of kindness in different places of the world and the journey of the little blue card.

    This book in its simplicity managed to engage her young mind to the end and also managed to help her spring into action. As soon as all stories were narrated, she walked into the kitchen and helped our domestic help to lay the breakfast table and offered to be of help for the whole day. She then handed over the Blue Card and ensured she read the Hindi writings on the card. I observed the same day when the gardener asked for a glass of water while toiling over cleaning up our flower bed, she encouraged the domestic help to give him a glass of water and also hand over the blue card to the gardener. Our little blue card is already on its journey. YOUR TURN NOW ! can help set your child's kindness on its journey into this world too.

    - Effath Yasmin.


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