• Contrary to popular belief, love of books and reading doesn't come naturally to children. They have to be led into the world of books and reading by parents and teachers. As an eminent American educationist famously remarked, "Few children learn to love books by themselves. Someone has to lure them into the wonderful world of the written word; someone has to show them the way". Preeti's book 'Alphabet Dress Up' is a beautifully illustrated book. Ideal for parents and teachers to use to introduce the building blocks of reading to children. Ideal to lure them into the wonderful world of the written word.

    Lina Ashar ( Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd)

  • You can't find a more rewarding way of spending Rs 199!

    Alphabet Dress-up is a refreshingly new way of reinforcing the letters of the alphabet. It takes the learner on a fun filled journey that captures the imagination and throws open an array of futuristic possibilities. Every child dreams of being somebody when he/she grows up and these dreams keep on changing from day to day. The book gives ample scope to children to dress up and live these dreams on an everyday basis.

    The entire concept is creatively presented through rhyme and rhythm. The rhymes are catchy and the repetitive pattern makes them easy to memorize. The word pictures are brought to life by vivid illustrations. The fact that there is no gender bias is a special gift to today's girl child. The hidden letters of the alphabet on each page and the card game make the complete package even more delightful and unique.

    As an educationist of over 40 years experience, I strongly recommend parents of children in the 2 to 6 year age group to go for it without a second thought. You couldn't find a more rewarding way of spending Rs 199!

    Andrea Andrade (Teacher)

  • It's a joy to come across a children's book with humour and liveliness.

    After decades of A for Apple and B for Ball (and getting stuck at X for Xmas tree and Xylophone)! we have here, a number of grown-up jobs that children can take. With a touch of whimsy, the child can be anything she wishes: a waiter, a juggler or a race car driver. The lovely variety of 26 jobs will bring a smile to every child. And the book avoids the trap of sexism. Not only are boys and girls equally represented, they have been moved out of the stereotypes. And, as the author says, the key concept is imagination.

    Schools seem to insist on children having factual and correct information. The chance to go into a world of fantasy is not normally permitted. Yet everyone knows that creativity will flourish only in a setting of freedom. Perhaps the thoughts triggered by these verses will convince teachers and parents of the value of IF.

    There are picture cards included in the book for children to play, suggesting alternative jobs under each alphabet. Given a chance, children will invent their own games. Thank you Nalini and Shraddha for putting this book together for two groups: children in general and the Cuddles Foundation.

    Dr Anandalaxmy, Advisor in Child Development & Education

  • This book is a brilliant creative delight that shapes young minds, it captivates them with bright colours along with unique concepts and illustrations and thereby encourages them to think effectively, visualise better and broadens their horizons

    Raell Padamsee,Actor, Producer, Director & Founder of Ace Productions

  • The concept is apt as it encourages young kids to think of different professions and learn to recognize and respect them. I also liked that there is no gender bias in the illustrations-the book depicts equal opportunities for boys and girls.

    Swati Popat Vats, President, Podar Education Network


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