Expert Review - YOUR TURN NOW

  • Empathy is an endangered virtue that needs to be encouraged, engendered and cherished. In our violent and angst-ridden world, acts of kindness sparkle with auras that warm the heart, expand the spirit, and bond with the universe.

    Your Turn Now' is a book that mirrors simple acts of kindness that exist everyday amongst us, across every dimension, class and kind. We see not only their natural prevalence, but also the possibility of their immense contagion in making right our many wrongs.

    Like solitary lamps that can spark a crescendo of light, small acts of deliberate kindness can spread a gentle glow of harmony over our fragmented lives.

    A timely book, that offers a simple yet powerful solution to our complex problems because kindness is a resource that is free and plentiful, and readily available in all of us.

    My best wishes to all those involved in this splendid endeavour of peace and healing.

    Usha Pandit


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