In addition to the cool books that we create and retail through bookstores, we also create a lot of interesting content for schools, corporates, and private organisations. We also collaborate with other publishers to create interesting books with a unique FunOKPlease flavour for the retail market.

We take up these projects on a turnkey basis and take care of all aspects of the book's creation, including conceptualisation, writing, editing, illustration, design, and printing (if required) as well.

We have created special books for the following organisations:

  • JBCN International School (2015)

    A phonics reading program comprising 6 beautiful, fully illustrated concept and story books

    Nursey Reader

    Jr Kg Reader 1 & 2

    Sr Kg Reader 1, 2 & 3

  • Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd (2014)

    My Wonderful World

  • Nahar International School (2015)

    My Powai

    A richly illustrated book about Powai and Chandivali

  • Scholastic India (2015)

    Gifts of Teaching

    An anthology of short stories for teachers

    Laugh OK Please

    A book of jokes and riddles

  • FindURClass (2015)

    A super collection of activities across 7 varied categories such as art, photography, science & nature, creative expression, food, fashion, and languages.