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Answer your child's queries and concerns about growing up in modern times by reading them stories about Toto the auto. In these lovable stories, Toto and his driver Pattu go about solving problems, helping others and having loads of fun along the way. These are stories that gently teach kids timeless values like kindness, bravery, and confidence along with the modern-day life skills needed to be happy in the world of today.

In this book:
Toto and the Superstar
Clever Toto helps Bollywood superstar KK get safely home and learns that
you don't have to be the strongest or the biggest to help someone in need.

Toto and the Rainy Day
Toto gets a brilliant idea to help stranded schoolchildren on a rainy day.
He learns that you are a real hero if you help others even when its not easy for you

Selected by as part of '50 Indian books every parent
must read to the their child'

Selected by Lifeandtimes in Bengaluru as part of its India centric book list: '50 books we love'


They are colourful, fun and interesting and yet also succeed in conveying positive messages of helping others, cheerfulness and resourcefulness....
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In a sentence: Toto is the coolest super hero in town!
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Toto is a lovable, cheeky little autorickshaw who lives in Mumbai with his driver Pattu. Toto, by character is brave, kind and a do-gooder. He loves to help others and make new friends...
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A very inportant message is learnt about why exercise is important and watchin too much of television cause health problems...
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Excellent thinkin by the authors and publishers taking something that fasicnates little kid. and turning it into a book for little children...
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Toto the Auto is a sunny and resourceful character. The stories are from everyday life, and steer clear of preaching and 'lecture-baazi' - the two things that usually put kids off completely! The 'take-away' at the end of the story is in a neat and playful package, providing a little food for thought, and scope for the parent to lead children to think and feel their way to the core learning from the story.

The cheerful, zippy illustrations make these small and pithy stories a pleasure to read or to read aloud along with children. The activity section is bound send kids running for their pencils! A welcome series of books for contemporary Indian parents and children. I wish FOP a wide and happy readership.
- Gouri Dange, Writer and Family Counsellor
Refreshing, racy and relevant; this series promises to be a runaway hit with kids.
- Marfatia , Children’s Writer
Toto is lively and lovable. Toto's life learnings are excellent.
- Lalitha V Iyer, Educationist
One of the best kids book published in India

No doubt an auto is an object of fascination for kids. That said, with the auto as the theme, the book very well captures the attention of the kids. Of course, one must also be a good storyteller while reading out to kids. My about to be 4 yr old just loves the hero of the book: Toto the auto, and Pattu his friend and driver. There are 4 books (this review is for the series and not for just this book) and 2 stories in each; so, a total of 8 stories that have been published so far.

Some of the highlights are the details in the illustrations; they have been really well-thought out, colours, the moral in each of the stories, one page of activities based on the story (there could be more of these), and the pun in each story (where toto says one thing and pattu hears it as something else). Of course, for a 4-yr old saying a word called trouble and someone hearing it as bubble is also funny! :-)

So, in all, the series is amazing and a must-have for all kids.
- Renuka Devi C
The Adventures of Toto Book 1-4 does promise some adventure in the lessons of life

I bought these four books as a gift for my niece in Australia, especially because she had enjoyed an autoricksha ride on her visit to India. It was a shot in the dark, but one that hit the Mark very well!

The books bring alive just very believable characters-Toto the auto rickshaw and its driver, Pattu. Together, they embark on one adventure after another, from a trip to the countryside, to saving leopard cubs in the Sanjay Gandhi Park in Mumbai to what not. Through these adventures, Toto learns the essential human values of respect and love for all, and hopefully so do the kids. And that's not all! All the adventures end with a song that my niece simply loves and you can also download the tunes of the songs from the website mentioned in the book.

Overall, the series promises a fun-filled read for children. (I must admit, I enjoyed reading them too!)

Give it a shot, it won't disappoint you!
- Book Worm
The Toto Collection Book 1-4

The books are beautiful and very pictoral for my 3 year old. Good values to learn from them. He has started to love Toto and takes interest to know about toto's experiences. I love relating those behaviors to my little one.. Though I personally feel the language could be more formal for kids - British English.
- Saloni Nichani
I recently got my hands on Toto the Auto and my almost 5 year old has been wanting a constant rereading of the stories. Excellent book - great illustrations and content. Just the kind of material our bacchas really need. We have already heard the toto song online 4 times. He loves it. Hats off to you and your team.

The stories are fantastic and so apt for our Indian kids. The topics are handled with excellent sensitivity and simple enough for the message to be driven home perfectly. The activity page is cool too. Very effective. Please could Toto also handle topics like poverty / poor people / beggars; crossing roads; domestic help / live in maids; respect for elders.... I guess you all have a list already. Please keep them coming.
- Priya Fonseca
Its a must read for all the kids... My daughter annie loved it immensely and the next morning she zoomed to the school with the books and told her principal to buy it for school library... Its an amazingly written combo of fun with knowledge....and its on the subjects which no one touched from kidos perspective..... keep the good work up and all the best for ur endeavour...
- Nitin Patel
We just spent the afternoon reading all the 4 Toto stories off my laptop & Kaitlyn wanted more...

Besides her happy reactions to the stories, she enjoyed the activity at the end of each book...

She loved Toto all decorated for the wedding & was sad when she saw him less decorated in the story with the leopards. (Told her he knew he was going to be around so many animals.....& some animals might get sick with the flowers ...pollen etc - so he had to take it off before he went around there !!) & we went on to the 2nd book - she enjoyed the story of Toto saving the kids in the rains...but on the last story she found KKs red car more interesting than KK (guess thats cos she is not into the hero- heroine craze of bollywood- though she loves bollywood dancing & costumes !!!)

She was extremely enthusiatic - wanting me to scroll to the next page.... but she sounded disappointed that there was just 1 page of activity at the end of the book - but thats probably just her.....she always wants more challenges than most other kids at her age.

You are not going to believe this but I think the success of the afternoon reading came just now as I was typing this mail to you...her big toy tea-pot is not opening....& she was struggling . I said maybe you need to wait for dad to get home,since i can't open it either..... her quick reaction "Mum, do u think Toto could help ?....oh oh.....but he has no hands...he has wheels. "Hahahah !!!

Can't wait to see the books on the shelves in stores & pick them up later this year !!! All the very best & keep them coming !!!!!
- Sheryl D’Mello
Toto is the bane of my existence:-).we Dont leave home without it. We need to read it every night and In fact am sure i will have to pack it for a short trip we're taking.
- Pallavi Rai
Simply mind blowing. Shloke is glued to the books and so am I. I loved the Fun Foods and he is one with Toto and Pattu. He feels Toto is another name for an auto!
- Nilanjana Kar
Aastha is very very excited and very happy to have the books, The TOTO book she kept under her pillow at the night so she can read it immediately upon wake up. she loves it and I am very happy for that. Why don't you make animated series of TOTO Stories too along with the books? - small kids like Aastha who don't read the book themselves, but loves to see the animation (she has seen the Toto clip more than 9 times and in fact sees it everyday!), the animation series would be hit among them.
- Ami Paneri Upadhyay


One of the best kids book published in India

No doubt an auto is an object of fascination for kids. That said, with the auto as the theme, the book very well captures the attention of the kids. ...

-Renuka Devi C


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