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Supermoms' Recipes- 50 healthy kids dishes from Real Indian Moms
With nutritional analysis, tips, and advice by paediatric nutrition counsellor Sonali Shivlani Of the Moms! For the Moms! By the Moms!
Myth: Children's food cannot be both healthy and tasty.
50 Indian supermoms bust this myth!
Ever tried a pasta dosa? Or a dahi sandwich? Or sesame seed juice? Nutrition and taste do not have to be an either-or choice. You do not have to give in to the demands for junk food to appease your child's taste buds. Learn new recipes created by mothers across India. Each of them is a supermom to her little one!
Supermoms' Recipes Not created by celebrity chefs, Created by real Indian mothers With Nutrition analysis, tips and advice by paediatric nutrition counsellor Sonali Shivlani

About this book
This book is based on a simple thought: All of us parents today are acutely aware of the need to give our kids nutritious food. Yet, each day we face a challenge of how to make this healthy food tasty and appealing enough for our children to readily want to eat it. We are only too aware of the difficulties of doing this, surrounded as we are by the constant promotion of junk and processed food everywhere we look.
We discovered that every mom has at least one recipe, often something invented by her, which is healthy and more importantly, also loved by her kids. So instead of trying one more recipe from a book written by a celebrity chef, why not just compile these "Mother's recipes" into a book that we can all use. After all who but mom knows best? So, here we have fifty such tried and tested, authentic real recipes from real moms.
It took us over six months to collect more than hundred unique recipes from mothers. We requested paediatric nutrition counsellor, Sonali Shivlani to pick the fifty most unique and healthy ones and also analyse each one. In certain cases we changed the process or the ingredients slightly to make it healthier or more complete. In all such cases, we checked back with the respective Mom, who tested the new ingredients with their children, to ensure that the taste did not get impacted.

What's inside
- The book is divided into 3 sections:
Tiffin Delights (20 recipes)
Main Meals (20 recipes)
Anytime extras (10 recipes).

- Each page is devoted to one recipe and contains a picture of the mom who created it, is named after the child, and also contains nutritional analysis, and healthy eating tips by Sonali.

- Food Pyramids-a guide to your child's daily nutritional needs.


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